Omega:  Like a Big HUG!


A lot of gear essentials' customers tell us that they love the heft of our heavier cock rings.  One of the most favorite is the Omega cockring.  This classic is our heaviest and weighs in at 11 ounces (312 grams).  They say it feels like a great big hug around the base of the dick. 


Behind Every Great an Omega C Ring from gear essentials!


A favorite for body heat & made for the Alpha male, the Omega Series is the final word in cock rings. Massive (gear essentials’ heaviest), yet surprisingly comfortable elements come together in the Omega Series. These beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless rings are works of art.  Designed in the shape of a donut it is blissfully smooth and will not pinch or rub you (or your partner) the wrong way.


The Omega Series Comes in Brushed or Mirrored Finish


These rings are designed for the man who craves the ultimate experience. And will get it. 

ENJOY your big hug with the Omega cockring.

gear essentials....Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!

WHERE TO FIND IT:  Omega Cock Ring:    


(Photo submitted by customer.)



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