Remember how mom used to remind you to wear clean underwear when you left the house in the morning? 

"In case you get hit by a car!"

Frankly, if I was hit by a car I think the last thing I would be worrying about would be clean underwear!  In fact, odds are that after an accident my undies would no longer be clean...(Sorry--TMI!?)

However, you never know when you might run into a situation where you need the support and 'encouragement' of a solid metal cock ring!  Whether it is to pump up your package to impress a potential conquest or to keep your prick hard and thicker in pursuit of hot action!


Relax in the Knowledge that You are Looking Good in Your Titan .4 C Ring from gear essentials!


When you are wearing your cockring you can relax in the knowledge that you are looking your best.  So, kick back, relax and enjoy all the opportunities that life throws your way!  ENJOY!

(Picture re-blogged from Tumblr.)



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