We have been getting the greatest buzz from one of our new aluminum cockrings, the Surge.

In our final two shots of Marc, he is showing off his hard throbbing prick in his new Surge cock ring.  (We suspect that Marc is a very popular fella.)

Marc Exploding out of His Surge C Ring from gear essentials


I met with a store owner yesterday and we talked about the benefits of the exaggerated interior comfort rim on the new ROBO aluminum rings (the Surge is part of this collection).  He was impressed at how comfortable this made the ring citing that with cheaper rings 'stabbing' when you move the wrong way can be a complaint.  The Surge will never stab you!  In fact, because of its lightweight aluminum construction (weighing in at only 1.4 ounces), it is super comfortable to wear all day long even with tight jeans and underwear.  AND it still does everything a cock ring is supposed to do!  Other rings may cause cock fatigue--not the ROBO rings.


Harder, Thicker & More Sensitive--just a Few of the Benefits of a Cock Ring!


The smoothly concave elegance of this design is the first thing you notice; you will quickly recognize that your cock seems to explode out of this .6 inch ring. It looks like it is restricting your hard dick as it wraps around the base of your shaft.

Put it on and create a nuclear reaction. ENJOY!


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Mark Biglr

Mark Biglr

makes me hard! I want one!

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