I love wearing a ball stretcher / ball weight.  As I’ve mentioned before I get totally turned on when  having my balls tugged and twisted a bit during sex or jacking off.  I don’t think I am unique in this; however, I thought it would be interesting to see what others say about this experience.  I stumbled upon Literotica.com and found an interesting article on ball stretching.  

According to the author, “Thinking”, the most common goal of wearing a ball stretcher is to achieve a longer and more intense orgasm.  He attributes this to the fact that when we go into ejaculation mode our balls retract in preparation for the explosion to come.  I have experienced this but according to the writer, the ball weight actually causes you to cum and cum and ‘shoot for miles’ (obviously I have more ‘field research’ to do!)  His point is that because the balls cannot retract we end up with a more intense orgasm.

I am ALL for a more intense orgasm!

Jacking Off with a 1" Bandwidth Ball Stretcher / Ball Weight


Call me a kinky ho but I will confess that the minute I put my ball weight on my dick gets hard.  I love the feeling during sex.  I also love wearing a ball weight during my day-to-day activities.  With every step the ball weight swings and tugs and it is an incredibly erotic sensation to me.

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I completely agree! I love my two weights. I even play basketball while wearing them. I now love jump shots! Ooooo what a tug! And great feeling.
Thanks for sharing.

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