More of Erik in His Quarter Screw!


Yesterday we posted a picture of Erik in his new Quarter Screw cock ring from gear essentials.  It turns out that Erik has some pretty serious fans who demanded to see MORE!  We cannot always comply--but this time we happen to have some extra shots lying around.  In fact it is almost like a time-lapse session--with Erik getting harder with each shot!

Here ya go!

Erik in His New Quarter Screw C Ring from gear essentials


Erik is Chubbin' up in His Quarter Screw Cock Ring


Erik Get's Stiff as the Blood Flow is Restricted into His Thickening Cock as a Result of the C Ring


Erik said the following in his e-mail to us: 

"When I went to SF for Folsom U found a shop that carried Gear Essentials. Had to buy the Quarter Screw. This one is light and delicious to wear under jeans. Love the heavy rings but for daily wear this one is a keeper! I know I am wearing it but the darned thing is so good under pants at work. Thought I would share that with you."

We are glad Erik shared!  We always love seeing gear essentials' gear on our customers.  We know that you do too.


The Quarter Screw Leaves Erik with a Handful!


As we mentioned in yesterday's blog, at .3 inches the Quarter Screw is perfect when you need just a little something extra on your side--and in your pants, work-out shorts, jock or leathers.  This is gear essentials' lightest ring weighing in at .85 ounces (24.1 grams).  It is extremely comfortable because it has been designed with the ROBO Cock exaggerated comfort fit interior rim.  This is the perfect ring for wear-all-day / play-all-night wear.

The Quarter Screw is the narrowest of three siblings.  The Half Screw is the next size wider at .6 inches bandwidth.  The largest is the Full Screw at .9 inches wide. 

Pick you size and wear it with pride.  And ENJOY!  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Quarter Screw Cock Ring:


(Photos by Erik.) 




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