Got Bling?!  Beach Bling & Bigger Balls in a Ball Stretcher


We have been learning a LOT about the benefits of stretching your balls lately!  We visited with a Tantric expert a few days ago (more about that in a future blog) and discovered that all men should be tugging on their balls for a few minutes every day in order to maintain sexual health. 

We just like it.



Tugging His Balls with a Ball Stretcher--Looks Hot; Feels Hotter!


This guy is decked out!  He's got a great guiche (on his taint) and Prince Albert.  In addition, he is wearing a one inch ball stretcher / ball weight.  One of the benefits we learned about is that a ball weight delays ejaculation, makes it more intense and it lasts longer--all good!  In addition, when your balls are stretched out tightly, they are far more sensitive to the brush of stubble, a feather, the play of a riding crop or your lips.  Watch your man squirm!

Whether you love the feeling of the tug, twist and jiggle or you just want lower hanging balls, ball stretchers are amazing!  Try one on and ENJOY!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:    16 Oz. Ball Stretcher: 


(Photo submitted by customer.) 


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Stephen n Harrell

Stephen n Harrell

Nice!!! I really Like the look of this Combo of Metal in this Pic! As a guy with Genital Piercing ( Apadravya) I can really relate to and appreciate this! Guiche is also one of the Piercings that I’m interested in eventually getting.

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