Customer Praise for the Quarter Screw


You know we love Happy E-mails at gear essentials!  We just received this from a recent customer: 

"Got my rings in the mail yesterday, and love them!  I haven't taken off my quarter-screw.  Thanks!  -J."


Another Customer (Erik) Living Large in His Quarter Screw C Ring by gear essentials


We had no clue how popular the Quarter Screw would be.  As part of the light-weight aluminum Robo line, the ring features our new interior comfort fit rim.  Combined with the lightness of aluminum, it is easy to forget you even have a cock ring on!  (No wonder J. hasn't taken it off yet!)  It is gear essentials' lightest ring at .85 ounces (24.1 grams).  With a width of .3 inches (7.62 mm) this cock ring is perfect when you need something extra on your side–and in your pants (but not too much). If you need something a bit wider, check out the Half Screw (.6 inches) or the Full Screw (.9 inches).  All of gear essentials' penis rings are made in the USA. 

Enjoy a gentle reminder that you have a reason to be cocky--and ENJOY!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Quarter Screw Cock Ring:


(Photo by customer.)



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