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I was on the road for a couple of days this week. We just started carrying Swiss Navy's Premium Masturbation Cream so I thought I would do a little more 'road testing'! I have to tell you--I fell in love with this masturbation cream! We had met with tantric expert Loren Johnson last week so I had 'edging' on my mind (along with a lot more--but more on that later).

For those of you unfamiliar with edging, it is an awesome practice that prolongs the sheer delight of orgasm. Here is one of the Urban Dictionary's definitions:

The practice by a man, with or without a partner, of maintaining a very high level of sexual arousal, as close as possible to full orgasm, over an extended period, without actually having a full orgasm. By using delicate control of stimulation and much will power to avoid a full orgasm, edging can include getting so close to full orgasm that ejaculate in significant quantity is released but the involuntary contractions do not take place (although up to say 3 contractions can be done deliberately each time to eject the released liquid in squirts, thus mimicking a real, but short, orgasm). This release, or "mimicked" orgasm, gives all the feelings of the start of a real orgasm but lacks the involuntary contractions, and it can be repeated several times until the supply of ejaculate is exhausted, or even beyond that point. After this "running dry", any real, final orgasm will be "dry" but otherwise normal. This amounts to multiple orgasms for men.


I have had a hard time finding a cream or lube to maximize my masturbation pleasure. Frankly, I want to slap it on and then slap the monkey--I'm getting busy thinking about other things! I don't want to be distracted by something that is too sticky or dries up too fast--which a lot of lubes seem to do. To make up for that I would end up spitting in my hand to give the lube or cream a longer 'life'. I have also used talcum powder (messy) and hand lotion (also runs dry) as well. If you want to rub out a quick one, you can always do it dry--but I have been craving a prolonged masturbatory session.


Jacking with a C Ring is Even BETTER!  The Strut by gear essentials


The Swiss Navy cream went on smoothly. I spread a slight stream down the top of my dick (a little like putting mustard on a hot dog) and then a dollop in my left hand (yes, I'm a left-handed stroker). I then started to go to town. I found that I had to add just a little bit as my prick grew but once I had the right amount I did not need to reapply. The sensation on my dick was awesome. It felt great and the stroking sensation was amazing. It had the right amount of glide and didn't leave me feeling sticky or tacky.

(I know I will get e-mails on this so I will tell all:  I was wearing the Surge Cock Ring and a Nitrile ring. I never jack off ringless if I can help it. My dick gets HUGE when I have one on. All the blood flows in and stays in my rod--and I'm much more sensitive too. It's all good!)


My New Best Friend for Solo Nights...Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream


We love us some self-lovin! So we went in search of the best cream for the best JO and found Premium Masturbation Cream. The smart folks at M. D. Science have formulated a cream that is long-lasting. It’s not sticky but thick and creamy and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. This lubricant is formulated so that the heat created by the pressure of your hand as well as your body heat creates a unique glide factor. This maximizes your pleasure! And it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tacky—it feels natural.

  • Long-lasting

  • Non-sticky

  • Thick & creamy

  • Leaves you feeling silky smooth

  • Feels natural

Note: this is not suitable for use with condoms

So now my partner is a bit jealous that I did my road-testing solo. I am planning to remedy that with more 'lab time' tonight (I know--we suffer to bring you the best products!) I'll let you know how that goes.

Check out Swiss Navy's Premium Masturbation Cream--your dick will love it (and that means you will too!)  Want to try it--for a limited time (through 3/30/13) this is 25% OFF.  Enter Promo Code MD3 at check out and pay only $11.21! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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