Bulging Ball Stretcher:  for Bigger & Better Balls


It is NO secret to anyone who follows gear essentials' blogs that I am a HUGE fan of ball stretchers. I wore my first ball weight at International Mr. Leather in 2011. The second I put it on I popped a woodie! Frankly, these have been making me pop woodies ever since. See how this guy's balls are stretched taut? This means they are more sensitive--drive him wild by brushing your lips, tongue, a feather or a riding crop over the stretched out ball sack. 

In addition, the weight keeps your balls from retracting when you are about to ejaculate--this results in a longer and more intense orgasm (no one will complain about that!) I also find the sensation of wearing my ball weight during the day to be incredibly hot. For daily wear I put on my 8 ounce (1/2 inch bandwidth). It isn't so heavy that I get sore and yet there is enough weight that I feel my dick and balls shift with every step. It keeps me very aware and keyed up.


HUGE in His 1 1/2-inch, 24 Ounce Ball Stretcher; Get it at gear essentials


During masturbation I enjoy a little tug and twist of my balls. It really sends me over the edge. When fucking a partner, they will moan in ecstasy as your ball weight bounces off the taint--one more point of erogenous contact that will drive you both wild and upwardly escalate your level of passion.

The 24 Ounce weight, at 1.5 inches wide, will add some extra momentum to your play. The sensation of your nuts swinging in a pair of baggy pants is incredible. It's so hot you'll cum and cum. It is available in our sensual brushed finish. All our weights are crafted of stainless steel to the same high standards that you've come to expect from gear essentials. Best of all, this product is made in Minnesota (USA) by corn-fed workmen who care.  ENJOY!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!  


WHERE TO FIND IT:  24 Oz. Ball Stretcher:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights/products/ball-weight-24oz


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