Fashion/Fetish Forward with the Imperial C Ring


One of the many things I love about our customers is that we are a group of people who have come into our own, are comfortable in our own skin, know what we want and are free to express ourselves. There is a lot of creativity amongst our tribe.

The picture below is a stunner. There is more fetish than you can shake a prick at! Whether you enjoy a cinched waist, the feel of hose on your legs or what high heels do for your calves--it's all good! 

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘fetish’, it is an object or situation that causes sexual interest. It can be a physical object (high heels, hose, leather gear, diapers, cigars, body jewelry, idealized body type, etc.) or from a scene or situation (e.g. bondage, home alone, picking up a stranger in a bar role play, etc.). Ideally your sexual or erotic fetish is an enhancement to your romantic or sexual relationship. If you aren’t sure what your fetish is, next time you peruse pornography be aware of what makes your prick perk up.  Chances are that this is your fetish. 



The word fetish comes from the French (of course!) fetiche which in turn comes from the Portuguese word feitico meaning spell. That in turn comes from two Latin words facticius (meaning artificial) combined with facere (meaning to make).  (Those Romans knew how to have a good time!) Originally fetish meant an object that was believed to have supernatural powers. Perhaps your fetishizing of gear essentials cock rings will result in your dick having supernatural powers!





High-heeled Boots & an Imperial C Ring by gear essentials


We are pretty proud that we have a wide variety of cock rings to meet just about every taste. We manufacture our own stainless steel and aluminum rings to the highest specifications. Every year at International Mr. Leather I run into guys who have had their rings from the very beginning--they still look great and of course they WORK! And how they work....blood flow is restricted in the dick which results in 'super-natural' things:  the rod gets harder, thicker and more sensitive. If you are fucking, the weight of a heavier ring stimulates your partner's erogenous zones as well as giving you more thrust. It's all good!
The Imperial is elegant and dramatic. Designed in the shape of a flattened donut, this ring offers heft (approximately 6.05 ounces / 171.51 grams) while leaving plenty of room for beefy thighs! Smooth and comfortable, this is a classic design available in mirrored or brushed finish. Whether you wear it with a corset or a wife-beater, it will make you feel like a king. ENJOY!  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer.)



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