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I was raised as a typical Midwestern boy. On those rare occasions when we received a compliment, we learned to bow our head, mumble a garbled word of thanks and shuffle our feet. As quickly as possible we changed the subject ("More Tater Tot hot dish, anyone?!) So you can trust that your positive feedback and notes of thanks do not give us big heads (although some of the pictures you send for this very blog cause other heads to grow!)  ; )

We received this message on the gear essentials' Facebook page the other day:

"Have had my gear for just 2 days...ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED beyond any expectation. Fits great. No problem with my rigorous workout at the gym. Easy clean/dry. Great sensation of that "something extra" between my thighs."

We LOVE hearing that!


Wearing His Ball Stretcher & C Ring--"Something Extra" Between His Thighs


The picture above is not of this customer. But it does show a big dick in a 24 ounce ball weight.  Even with the ball stretcher on his monster cock, he is able to be fully erect (because his balls are stretched out enough not to 'take' skin from the shaft). When he reaches orgasm his ejaculation will be delayed and more intense because his ball sack cannot retract upwards. The feeling is incredible! 

Our happy customer (quoted above) ordered a ball weight and then several days later ordered another one. (I wonder if he is stacking them for more weight?) I was completely turned on by the idea of wearing it to work out (now why didn't I think of that?!) I love the tug and swing during the day so it would only feel better when working out. (I'm thinking that cardio might just bring me to the edge of cumming though!) 

One word of caution:  the male connector between the two halves will need to be thoroughly dried to avoid rust. This is only an issue if you shower or swim with it on. And, yes, I learned this the hard way!

I'm also wondering (yes, my mind wanders...) if he is showering at the gym as well? He's going to get a lot of attention! A buddy told me about a guy at his gym that showers with his Glans ring on--he is one well-known and popular guy! It pays to be unique.

Experience the 'great sensation' and ENJOY!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! 


WHERE TO FIND IT:  24 Oz. Ball Stretcher:



(Photo submitted by customer.)



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