We haven’t seen Erich since last November (21st to be exact!)  At that time we posted SIX blogs about Erich (that may be an all-time record for gear essentials).  We love Erich because he is so positive, filled with energy and just a plain good guy that we felt instant kinship. (While we realize this could describe many of our customers, in this instance we are talking about Erich.) 
Erich sent us some more photos.  (Anytime, Erich—you have lots of fans!)

Erich Models His Total Plunge C Ring & Stacked Ball Stretchers by gear essentials


Stacking is when you wear multiple ball weights. For example, I cannot wear a 32 ounce ball weight; however, I CAN wear a 24 ounce AND an 8 ounce. Sound confusing? The reason for this is that I cannot get my balls to fit into the one 2” bandwidth ball weight. However, I can put on a 24 ounce and then add the slim 8 ounce on top of that. Same result/different method.

Erich is having fun with stacking his 16 ounce and 8 ounce ball weights.



Another View of Erich's Ball Weights and Aluminum Cockring


Both men and women love the feeling of a ball weight bouncing against their taints during intercourse. This provides yet more stimulation--and all hands free. In addition, the tug on the balls feels erotic. Sensitivity is heightened and orgasms are more intense. Pair it with a hot and heavy cock ring and you have double-ringed double trouble!


gear essentials carries ball weights in four weights/bandwidths:  8 oz./1/2" bandwidth, 16 oz. (1 pound)/1" bandwidth, 24 oz./1 1/2" bandwidth and 32 oz./2" bandwidth. Each of these sizes has two diameters:  1 1/4" or 1 1/2". They are also known as 'split ring ball weights' because they come apart into two halves that are then screwed together. The benefit of this is that once on, they are less likely to fall off during normal wear or 'play' (unless you experience extreme 'shrinkage'!)


Erich's cock ring is the new lightweight aluminum Total Plunge--at .9 inches this is our widest width but you will find you don't even realize you have it on (until called into action, of course--then you will be grateful that you have it on!) The Total Plunge C Ring is part of our ROBO line--all feature our new exaggerated interior comfort fit for easy work-all-day/play-all-night wear. (However, please do not sleep in a metal cock ring or those night time boners could get painful.) We have been getting rave reviews on these! 



Erich Wearing His Total Plunge Aluminum C Ring & Stacking His 8 & 16 Ounce Weights by gear essentials


You can see in the picture above that despite all the metal on his hardening dick, Erich does not have a problem wearing a pound-and-a-half of solid stainless steel on his ball sack! In fact, at the time he wrote: "…I have 2.5lbs of the finest crafted stainless "man" steel encased around my quivering bulging cock!! I haven't produced precum like this since my late teens... 

“It's been less than 2 weeks since I've started my adventures into stretching. I can't believe my progress. I have my 8 stacked on my 16oz right now… fully erect with no pain whatsoever. And that’s with my Omega on as well.”

And you can get it all at gear essentials....Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





    (Photos by Erich.)



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