It's the nipple-to-cock connection!  Start working on a nip and suddenly a shot of electricity shoots down your body, warms your groin and suddenly your prick is as hard as a naked 18-year-old in the breeze!  Ain't life grand?!

What better to have around the base of your prick than the Strut cock ring by gear essentials?  This stylish ring is part of the Contour Collection.  It is the 'little brother' of the Torque penis ring but there's nothing little about this high design, solid stainless steel cock ring.  It features an amazingly comfortable, yet architectural slim profile that will make heads turn--and your head GROW!

Like all of our high-design / high-quality cockrings, the Strut keeps the blood IN your engorged rod so it is bigger, harder and more sensitive-and just plain better able to do what you need your disco stick to do:  make amazing love, baby!


A Well-loved Dick:  Hugged by Hand & Strut C Ring


Enjoy perfection for an afternoon going commando or an evening of sophisticated sensual pleasure. Go undercover in stealth fashion sporting the Strut.

You can get it at gear essentials....Sex is Better here! ENJOY!






Photo by Richard Yates.  To see more of Richard's work click here:

Written by Jay — April 08, 2013

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