You can't wear just one...

When I was 'researching' to determine whether or not I was going to get a Prince Albert piercing, I did a lot of reading on-line and talked with friends who already had the piercing. One friend happily dropped trou to show off his HUGE Prince Albert jewelry. He was wearing a Triple-0 which looked like a HUGE donut on the end of his very stretched out dick. 

Now I have a bit of an artistic bent and I have to tell you that the proportions were just not right.

That day I learned that a lot of guys who get genital piercings suddenly feel compelled to get more and go bigger and bigger! It is hard to remain dispassionate about it. Let's face it, many of us do the same thing with our job, the cars we drive or our bank account. Is it a form of keeping score?

At my first International Mr. Leather I learned--to my naive amazement--that the same was true with ball weights. I had just put on my first 'starter' ball stretcher (loved it!) but was frankly in a state of shock when I saw a guy walk buy with a milk carton filled with sand tied with a rope around his balls. I will admit I winced and crouched in sympathy pain.

But you know what? He was in rapture.

Last week I was e-mailing with a long-time customer who can wear 20 pounds (that's 9.07 KG for our metric friends) on his balls. I am humbled. (My 2 pounder is feeling pretty wimpy.)


Stacking 'em UP!  Three Ball Stretchers Weighing in at 4 Pounds.  Lightweight!   ; )


So be forewarned:  To the uninitiated, you may think this look cruel, weird or perverted but once you try ball weights on you can't wear just one. If you are like me you will pop an instant boner when you put it on and then wear a wistful smile as it tugs and swings under your work clothes throughout the day. During sex you will come to rely on the 'third hand' playing with your balls--tugging and gently twisting your ball sack. You will look forward to the extended orgasm caused by your balls inability to recede just prior to orgasm. You may even question how you survived so long without a ball stretcher and just why did you think being 'vanilla' was such a good thing?

You know sex is better here!  Don't you owe it to yourself to experience everything you can?  ENJOY!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Picture re-posted from Tumblr.)



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