Stacking Titan Cockrings for a Custom Look


These three hot men are no strangers to this blog! 

A few days ago I received an e-mail from a customer asking if gear essentials was planning on making anything wider than the Fury. He wants more bandwidth at the base of his cock. I recommended stacking cockring for a customized look and feel.

Erik, pictured below, has stacked all three sizes of the Titan on his dick. He is wearing the Titan .2, Titan .4 and Titan .6 for a total of 1.2 inches / 30.5 mm of bandwidth on his cock. It's a great look and he's got the meat to handle it. It's great for sunbathing too because it lifts your cock and balls up and away from your body (and it's cooler).

GearFan Dave stacks even more--1.8 inches / 46 mm. He commented on an earlier blog: "I am a naturist, rarely cover my self in textile. I love the swagger of my cock as I walk when wearing my glans rings. I have a long shaft flaccid for a cut cock so I look great stacking the .2, .4 and both of my .6 rings. The slight pull down and bounce of my cock is awesome. People say we have to dress, so I wear my Glans rings!"


Stacking Titan Cockrings for a Custom Look:  Sitting Pretty in 1.2 Inches of Titans!


Get a look at those happy thick pricks basking in the warmth of the sun! They are all double-ringed and chubbed in their Titan cock and glans rings. Their dicks are pumped and thick. This means that the cockrings are doing what they are supposed to do:  keep the blood flow in their dicks so they look their best. We think this is important but especially so when enjoying life in the nude. (We check each other out to compare 'manhood' when we’re naked, right?)



Stacking Titan Cockrings for a Custom Look:  Crowned with a Titan .2 Glans Ring

Glans ring add another layer of fun. When your prick gets thick a glans ring makes the head of your dick even bigger. It is amazing when jacking off or having sex. I remember the first time I got a woody with my head ring on--I could not believe how huge it got!

Erik is wearing the Titan .2--it is gear essentials' thinnest so it's not too heavy (1.5 Oz / 14 grams) but it definitely makes a statement. Like all of our glans rings, it gives you the "mini hand-job in your pants" motion that we all know and love. When moving, it feels awesome; when flaccid it pulls the head of your dick down. Want more? Go with a heavier head ring.

Tom from Colorado wrote:  "These Titans are the best. Took 2 try's to get the size right, I found it better to go down a bit in size, it stays on soft and feels AWESOME when your boned. The look is great. Been wearing mine for 2 weeks straight, gym work sleep! I've had a few comments at the gym shower, just tell em the website and give it a try guys!

"My BF loves it, he got one as well. When you blow a wad it's really intense and satisfying."

Crown your head with a stunning ring. Trust us, people will want to know more (and it's a great ice-breaker!)


Stacking Titan Cockrings for a Custom Look:  Double-ringed with FOUR Titans!


Timmy from Syracuse wrote:  "Hey Man, ordered all four to see how they would be and I gotta say it was a pleasant surprise. I can stack them all for a really swinging dick experience and I love the way I am always aware of how I'm hanging. Sweet."

When you're flaccid, your head ring will be slightly loose (all the better to stroke and tickle those sensitive nerve-endings beneath the head of your dick!) As you get harder the ring starts to constrict. Then when you hit full-on boner mode you will feel it gripping the base of your head (this works whether you are circumcised or uncut). The first time I was double ringed and had an erection I was blown away by how HUGE and sensitive the head of my dick got. I knew a cock ring made my prick thicker, harder and longer but I didn't know it would pump up my dickhead too! A great tip is to cup your hand and swirl it over the head of your cock when you are wearing a glans ring--the sensation will curl your toes!

You'll be aware of how you're hanging and blow an intense and satisfying wad too. Sex is good and double-ringing will make it even better! 


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




 (Photos by David Lee. Tom or Timmy are not pictured.)



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