Imperial Cockring - the End is in Sight!


It has been a long, hard week and it is good to know that the end is in sight!

Here is a rear end very much worth appreciating! I suspect he is up for all the good times in store for him this weekend. It pays to be prepared because you never know...

Part of his preparation is his thick and heavy Imperial cockring. This ring is made to go the distance, whether it is just pulling your cock and balls front, forward and up leaving a clear path to the hidden delights awaiting behind--or if you are looking to give a good pounding! 

A cock ring restricts the blood flow within your prick so you stay thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive. I am wearing mine today and I have to say that I love the medium weight. It is snug and secure resting against my pubes. My cock is chubbed and every time I move I feel the evidence of my manhood. I suspect that reads like a bad Victorian novel but I love the way I can feel my thickening cock when I move. As it brushes against my inner thighs a tingle zips up and down my spine. It's good to be alive.

Life is good. And it's FRIDAY!


Imperial Cockring - the End is in Sight! 


Mike from Atlanta recently wrote about his new Imperial:  "After years of wearing only rubber cock rings because of my fear of trying to wear a metal cock ring, I stumbled across Gear Essentials online and my interest was aroused. I found their Twitter feed and started talking with Jay about the proper way to measure and getting his advice on which size to get. Not unlike many guys, I'm sure, I was worried about the size difference between when I'm flaccid vs when I'm hard. I knew I wanted a ring with some weight to it and after reading the descriptions, I decided on the Imperial. At Jay's suggestion, I ordered the 2" mirrored finish. Long story short, I got it a few days ago and put it on as soon as I got home with it. I LOVE IT!! It fits well when I'm flaccid and isn't too tight when I'm hard. The weight is really good too. I have worn it almost continually since getting it, only taking it off when I'm in the shower. When I'm walking around at work, I can definitely feel the delicious weight of it with every step I take to give me the naughty reminder that I have it on."

The Imperial cockring is like your best wing man. The cross section is oval giving you comforting weight and support. Pure stainless steel means that it is eminently safe around your family jewels. Keep it harder, bigger and longer with the Imperial. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: Imperial C ring:


(Photo submitted by customer. Mike is not pictured.)



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