Preference:  With or Without a Titan Cockring


We've asked the question before: which do you prefer: a dick with or without a cock ring?

I'll admit that I'm biased but I think a cock looks much better with a ring on it (check the pic below--similar dicks but there's just something about how a cockring pulls everything front, forward and up--and makes it fuller.)

The stud on the right is wearing the Titan cockring. It makes his dick look thicker, fuller and more tempting! 

Buckeye from the Midwest (US) wrote:  "Love the .40 brushed 2 1/4 stainless steel cock ring. I have large balls and its difficult to find a cock ring to wear around entire package. Well this fits, its a bit challenging to put on but definitely worthwhile once its on. My cock goes from semi-erect to erection the entire time I wear this. I periodically have to keep readjusting my package when its under my clothes. That's a good thing as I then just go somewhere and play/stroke my cock, Even if its 5,6, 7x a day. Also can be worn while pumping cock n balls tho a bit snug it is effective."

Don't you want to look your best?
Preference:  With or Without a Titan Cockring

The Titan is a great ring for every day: solid, simple and classic in design.  Crafted from solid stainless steel, it features gently rolled edges for maximum comfort. Pictured above is the Titan .2. This is available in both brushed and mirrored finishes. You can also get wider bandwidths (the Titan .4--also available in shaft size of 1 1/2" / 38 mm or super-sized 2 1/4" / 57 mm. or the Titan .6). Don't forget that you can also get this style in a glans ring--keep your head pumped! 

If you aren't convinced, here are 5 reasons why you should wear a cock ring:

  1. The way it makes you feel. One of gear essentials’ customers said it best, "It's like there is this firm grip cradling and supporting me." It feels amazing.
  2. It keeps your dick--even when flaccid--thicker. There is nothing like a big package, is there? Your dick in a rigid cock ring under tight jeans--or just plain naked--will be a sight to behold. You'll get second (and third) looks.
  3. A penis ring makes your rod more sensitive. When walking around throughout your day, you will have a concrete sense of your dick and the power it has. Your prick will become more sensitive to the lightest touch--whether it's from a tongue, feather, leather or your own hand. As you move, skin or fabric will brush against your thickened meat and cause a thrill sensation to run up your spine and back down to the head of your cock. And the orgasms are screamin-hot!
  4. When clothed, your package looks bigger. And we all know that is an advantage.
  5. When you get hard you will get superman-steel-hard! Want your prick to be thicker, longer and harder? A cock ring will do it for you. You may reach places you've never touched before! Whether having sex with another or all by yourself, the intensity is mind-blowing.

All things considered, maybe you don't need a cock ring. But why wouldn't you?! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo provided by customer. Buckeye is not pictured.)


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I wear a cockring every day and love. I love it MOST when I’m down at the nudist beach. Nothing better!! Feel great and looks great! I just wish more men were wearing them

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