Trifecta of Pleasure: Cockring, Ball Weight & Butt Plug


This happy-go-lucky fellow is going for the trifecta of pleasure!

When you are alone and wish you had two more hands, just a few toys can make it feel like you are surrounded--feel the love!

The stud pictured below has a 32 Oz. Ball Weight dangling from his ample ball sac, a Grip cockring wrapped around the base of his dick and a dildo shoved up his ass. These all add to the pleasure. 

The cock ring keeps the blood restricted in his dick so he is thicker, fuller and more sensitive. Sex or jacking off will be twice the fun.

His ball weight delays orgasm because it keeps his balls from retracting up into his core right before he comes. He will really blow a huge wad too. Some guys say they even shoot further! His ball weight also pulls, twists and tugs on his sac and taint. It's like having a lover's hand playing with your balls. It's a very sensual experience.

His butt plug provides another kind of sensory experience. The magical prostate is just a short way up the anus--and his anal toy is poised to hit it just right. As the prostate is rubbed and massaged it sends messages to your brain that you are about to have an orgasm. However, the waves of pleasure just keep on coming because you really aren't having an orgasm--yet!

Can you take this much pleasure?


Trifecta of Pleasure: Cockring, Ball Weight & Butt Plug



Ball Weight

Basically a ball stretcher is a solid stainless steel ring that is cut in half (it is also known as a split cock ring). The two halves are secured by a male-female nub connection on one half and an Allen screw on the other. This keeps it secure so it doesn't slide off easily when you're going about your day or having some fun!

It can look intimidating to put on but it's easy once you get used to it. For more info read Putting On a Ball Weight Without Injury.

Jason from New Mexico wrote about his ball weight experience, "WOW WOW WOW.

"Holy shit, every man alive needs ball weights!!! Personally, the 8 oz. is too light, but is good for either all-day wear when you don't want your balls hanging out of your shorts or looking disproportionate. I skipped getting the 16 oz. and also have the 24 and 32. I find that the 24 oz. is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for all day wear where it won't hurt my boys regardless of whether I am active or not. I am growing into the 32 oz.

"Tip: put it on at night and sleep with it. After doing this, when you get up the following day for some reason this helps to wear it even longer. Nevertheless, so far I can only go about 2 hours with it, then my boys want a break. I can't imagine fucking with this much weight on (32 oz.) yet since I get a bit aggressive (who doesn't!?). I don't think I'm ready for that much weight when I'm slamming back and forth into my partner - but perhaps soon. I have only had ball weights for about a month, and wear them as much as possible since they feel so incredible on all day. And cumming with ball weights... DAMN! Pure joy in it's most crystallized form. I've never felt anything like it. Not only do I ejaculate about a bucket's worth with them on, but, as I tease my wife, she'll end up in China or something with how powerfully and far I can shoot with weights on. If you haven't yet tried ball weights, as far as I'm concerned, you haven't fully lived. Put these on your bucket list for sure!"


Grip Cock Ring

The Grip is easy to wear, super-comfortable and it keeps your dick thicker and harder. It was gear essentials’ first ring crafted from medical-grade plastic. This material is so safe it's used by surgeons so we knew it would be safe on our family jewels.

FDP from New York wrote:  "My boyfriend is 49 and I'm 27. He's been wearing cock rings for years. I didn't even know what they were until I met him. He tried to explain to me how they work and the feeling but I didn't quite get it. ...Recently he bought me the Grip Cock Ring and I love it. I finally feel what he's been talking about. It's like noticing that your dick and balls are always there. It's a constant pleasurable feeling. My favorite cock ring to date. 

"Together now we own almost all the cockrings on the site. Recently we were having sex and he was wearing the half screw cock ring and I was wearing the Grip Cock Ring. The orgasm was amazing." 

The Grip is a great ring for a first-time. Crafted from a hard plastic with just a hint of internal give, this cockring will keep your dick fuller, fatter, longer and stiffer so you can go the distance. Like FDP you'll discover the beauty and science of cockrings. Isn’t it all about bringing pleasure to the world--and feeling more personal pleasure? 

Feeling bored this afternoon? You can enjoy the trifecta of pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Jason or FDP are not pictured.)



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