Ball Stretchers:  Stack 'em UP!


We love dingly-dangly bits hanging from our naughty bits!

Folks write to me asking if it hurts having all that weight hanging from your balls. I have realized that I might be the wrong guy to ask! While I LOVE wearing my 8 ounce, 1/2" bandwidth 'starter' ball stretcher all day, I cannot wear my 24 ouncer for more than eight hours. Recently a customer told me that he is now wearing 20 pounds! 

I'll admit it. I cringed at that.

But really, why should I? It's really a matter of endurance and training. Some guys at the gym can bench press 240 pounds. I am not there yet! It's impressive, it's beautiful and frankly, it is not a weird thing.

Guys stretch for a lot of reasons. I already have a pretty generous ball sack going on but some guys want more. They see it as a sign of virility and say you haven't lived until you've sat on your balls. (I would recommend sitting gingerly!) 

I will attest that there is something amazingly erotic about having that weight on my nuts.  I love the feeling of the swing and a bit of a twist. To me it is in no way painful--I get chubbed every time I wear it. And when I'm about to come, my orgasm lasts longer--my balls cannot retract up into my body prior to exploding. BONUS!

The guy pictured below is stacking ball weights. He is at a point where he can wear two 24 ounce weights--for a total of 48 ounces (3 pounds). He's loving it--and he could wear more!


Swinging His Stacked 24 Ounce Ball Stretchers


The beauty of stacking is you can create your own weights. Check these babies out and experience how sex is better here!  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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(Photo submitted by customer.)



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