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When I was a kid I loved comic books. (In fact, I still do.) Do you remember the ads in the back? One in particular really sparked my imagination. It advertised goggles that could see through clothes. Now THAT was something I was interested in!

To this day I still wonder what folks look like under their clothes. The guy below has given us an opportunity to see his impressive package! His prick is thick, full and encircled by an Omega Cock Ring. He knows that the sleek stainless steel quickly warms to his body temperature and keeps the blood flow restricted into his rod. That means that he stays thicker, harder and more sensitive. He's ready for anything life throws at him.


Hot & Hung in His Omega C Ring by gear essentials


You just never know what a guy is packing under his conservative suit. We kind of like that spirit of adventure! The Omega is designed for the Alpha male.  It is gear essentials heaviest (11 oz. / 312 grams) yet is surprisingly comfortable. Designed in the shape of a donut the Omega is easy to wear. These beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless rings are available in brushed or mirrored finish. They are works of art.

These rings are designed for the man who craves the ultimate experience. And will get it.

gear essentials....Sex is Better Here!  ENJOY!

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