Sometimes you want a little 'support'--but not too much.

There are times when I am not in the mood for a heavy cock ring. I want the comforting feel of a penis ring encircling my dick but I want to keep it light. I want my package to look its best (you never know who is checking you out--you know: 'best food forward' and all that...) And when I'm ready to have sex, I want to be completely ready!

That's when I love the Grip.


Unzip to Find the Grip C Ring Aiding & Abetting Your Dick


The Grip does what you need a penis ring to do. It keeps the blood flow in your prick so you stay thick, hard and ready for action! 


The Grip C Ring by gear essentials


It's a brand NEW EXCLUSIVE at gear essentials. With a band width of .6 inches, it will give you the support you know and love. The difference is that the Grip cockring is constructed of medical grade plastic. We are proud to bring you our first non-metal ring in a material that is so safe it is used in medical devices. Plus it features our new ROBO comfort interior fit for smooth and easy wear-all-day / play-all-night wear. Rigid–to keep you rigid--yet with just a bit of give. Super sexy black with an elegantly raised center design. Get a Grip!

gear essentials.  Sex is better here!  ENJOY


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Grip Cock Ring: 


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