The Omega:  It's a GAS!


True confession time:  Gas masks freak me out a little bit. As I processed this I realized that the same could be said for ski masks (which I have often worn), burkas or anything else that covers the head and particularly the eyes. I was raised in a culture that valued looking into another's eyes as a sign of integrity.

So now I'm really confused because I find the image below amazingly hot!

What is that all about?

I learned long ago to not judge anyone else's fetish. Can anyone else truly understand what makes my putter flutter? 

Wanting to know more and gain an understanding of why some folks are into gas masks I went to my faithful standby:  Google.

There I discovered site I have visited before (I know a lot of 'deviant' artists!)  Another guy posted the same question. This answer by HIZYY, a young guy from Finland, resonated with me:

"I have some kind of a gas mask fetish. I like gas masks especially because they cover the other person's face and make them look more mysterious. In my opinion just covering someone's mouth and nose makes them look sexier. Of course, for me, it's much about being mysterious so I enjoy someone wearing a gas mask more if I don't know how the person looks behind the mask.

"Wearing one myself doesn't sound that lovely but sure makes me feel better.

"I'm not sure when or how I started to like gas masks "a little bit too much"... they just started to look more interesting.

"Because of my young age I don't know how people enjoy gas masks in BDSM and stuff. I just think they're freaking hot."

That's good enough for me!


Gas Mask, Leathers, PA AND Omega C Ring by gear essentials--Three of MY Favorite Fetishes!


Whether you like gas masks or lace panties, harnesses or high heels; you will still enhance the look and feel of your play. Sex will be better. Look at his dangling ball sack and totally chewable cock. (Of course holding your Prince Albert up by a chain NEVER hurts!) When you wear a cock ring your dick is just bigger and badder! Your sensitivity is increased. EVERYONE WINS!

The Omega (mirrored finish) is the penis ring pictured above. This is gear essentials' heaviest ring (11 ounces / 312 grams) and feels great wrapped around your cock and balls! Made of pure stainless steel, it will last for years. The donut shape is amazingly comfortable to wear. You can own it in mirrored or brushed finish. (Click on the picture above to read more.) It's one of our favorites.

So celebrate your uniqueness--and know that there are other folks out there who share your fetishes (and want to explore more with you!)  Get it on and GET IT ON!!  ENJOY!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here. ENJOY!





(Photo provided by customer.)



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