It's swim suit season again!  (Or skinny-dipping season.) How will YOUR gear hold up?

(As I am sitting writing this, we are under a Winter SNOW Emergency--yes, it's May 1st and we are expecting two to four inches of snow. So I am REALLY dreaming of swim suit season!) 

I received the following e-mail from a customer yesterday:

"You may remember me. I got the engraved mirror finished cock rings about a month ago...
"Love them, hardly take them off. Thanks for all your help. But I wanted to ask a question. Will the Stainless Steel rings hold up in a chlorinated/salt swimming pool and chlorinated/brominated heated spas. Plan to spend several hours in pools this summer and want to wear them under my speedos. Will they deteriorate rapidly and corrode, or hold up OK. Can you advise ASAP."


Wearing Your C Ring Under Your Speedo is a Natural.  Think of it as "Package Enhancement!"


My answer: 


Chlorine & Salt:

I swim in my stainless rings all the time (in both salt and chlorinated water). I haven’t had a problem. Granted, this is not a public swimming pool so the chlorine levels are lower than what you would find in a public swimming pool. (You might also want to avoid swimming after the pool has been ‘shocked’ with a massive chemical treatment.)

We have done a bit of research on corrosion. According to scientific studies, stainless steel can corrode if it is scratched. We would recommend thoroughly rinsing off your cock ring after you have gone swimming if the chlorine levels are high. An Article in Materials Performance Magazine (11/98) states that in tests with chlorine stainless steel had “insignificant general corrosion rates”.

Aluminum fares slightly less well. The same trade journal stated that aluminum has a low general corrosion rate. Again, if you take a dip in your aluminum ring, just clean it off at the end of the day. Chrome-plated does not hold up well (see picture below). (Many cheaper rings are brass plated in chrome. gear essentials only manufactures solid materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or medical-grade plastic.)


Chrome-Plated vs. Stainless Steel--Both Have Been in Chlorinated Pool Water

The Ring on the Right is the Titan Cockring from gear essentials



Bromines are tougher. Our understanding is that these are more corrosive. (They are used in indoor spas and pools that get HEAVY use.) If you were to leave your cock rings in an indoor pool area where bromines are added to the water, eventually they would corrode. I’m afraid I don’t have personal experience on this one (that I know of). If you happen to swim in a pool treated with Bromines I would again wash off your cock ring and rinse and dry it thoroughly. (Now I have to find a pool with Bromines so I can field test this!) You might want to just use one particular ring when using a Bromines-treated pool/spa. In this way, if there is damage, you can isolate it to one ring.

So swim and play in your gear--and ENJOY!  Remember gear essentials...Sex is Better Here!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring:


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