I am in New York City today and have had a great day!  I am wearing the Titan .6 mirrored cock ring.  It is one of my favorite rings--smooth, elegant and classy.  It feels great and it is a nice weight (around 4 ounces / 108 grams).

I'm also wearing a glans (head) ring.  It is the prototype of a new design that we are working on.  I've been road-testing glans rings for three days now (and yes, a road trip from the Minneapple to the BIG Apple is a bit extreme but we go to great lengths to do our job here at gear essentials!)

Today I was wearing Woodiees briefs with my Titan cockring and a new glans ring based on the Titan style. I was grinning from ear to ear because with each step down 5th Avenue I was getting a little hand job from my glans ring. As my dick bobbed up and down in the extended pouch of the Woodiees underwear the ring rubbed the underside of the head of my cock. I am totally in love with this new head ring. It's rocking my world.

They are coming (so are we!) But in the meantime, you can enjoy the benefits of a cockring


Harder & Thicker for the Long Haul--the Titan .6 C Ring by gear essentials


Cock rings are a huge enhancement to your sex life. Because blood is retained in the penis, it becomes bigger and harder. (NO one will complain about that, right?) You also get more sensitive. In addition, if you are looking to advertise your hugeness, the cock ring pumps up your dick even when you are flaccid for a more impressive package.

Hey, it pays to advertise!

The Titans are crafted from solid stainless steel in brushed or mirrored finish. You can get them in three bandwidths (.2-inches, .4-inches and .6-inches). They will last years! And you will last a long time too!

gear essentials:  Sex is better here!  ENJOY


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan  



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