I just realized that it has been kind of a 'fetishy' week here at gear essentials.  A few days ago we had gas masks and today--a leather thong that keeps your butt plug in place.

At first glance I thought there might be too much gear on the guy pictured below. Just last week a group of us were at a fund-raiser in California and there were a lot of overly made-up, pumped up, tucked up and puffed up people there. While observing I shared Coco Chanel's quote with some friends:  "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." (Most of the folks there could have benefited from that insight!)

I am also mentally preparing for International Mr. Leather (IML) in a few weeks. We are going to be introducing our new Glans (head) rings so of course I'll have one on. But I also will have my usual cock ring, ball weight and I wear a Prince Albert. At what point have I crossed the line of 'good taste'?!

Getting back to the picture below, I think this guy might just be onto something!


Butt Plug, Leathers, C Ring & Ball Weight: Too Much or Just Enough?


To me, I love all this gear because it FEELS great. Sure, to some of us it is also an aesthetic rush (and frankly, to some, it can be a turn-off...poor repressed prudes!) But the whole point in wearing this gear is that it makes you feel awesome. 



The butt plug massages your prostate leaving you with that "gawd, I'm about to cum" feeling. Wearing it throughout the day just spreads that warmth across what could otherwise be just another gray day at work. When you do finally allow yourself the ultimate pleasure of cumming, your orgasm will be more intense and you will probably blow a HUGE wad!

You may look at the picture above and think, "I would never put anything up my ass!"  Fine--it's your ass. But it's also your loss. Even the straight boys are getting into the action (Dick from Dick & Jane and his wife are exploring with some probing--and loving it).



The cock ring feels great too. Because it keeps the blood flow in your dick your love stick is bigger in girth and length. You are also harder and more sensitive. This morning I had sex while wearing one of our new prototype Glans rings (along with my Titan .6 cockring) and my dick was monster hard. I can't explain this yet but I had tons of cum this morning (but I'm blaming the glans ring at this point!) It was as much cum as I shot when I was a lithe 20-year-old. No one was complaining!



And the ball stretcher (ball weight)... I'll admit it:  I was one of those narrow-minded prudes who stuck my nose in the air, sniffed and said, "I will never wear something like that!" Yup, my stand lasted until I tried one on. My instant woody told the truth.  I loved it.  I still love it. I wear gear essentials' lightest (1/2-inch bandwidth, 8 ounces) during the day. I love the way it twists and tugs my balls. I walk around with a semi-chubby most of the time. During sex it is even better. I hadn't realized it but often during sex I would tug and twist my balls. I didn't do it to the point of pain but I really get off on it. The ball weight does that for me now (which leaves hands free to do other things). I have also discovered that the ball weight keeps your balls from retracting up when you approach orgasm--this means that your orgasm is longer and more intense.

I'm still not sure what I'll be wearing at IML but I can tell you that I don't judge folks who wear 'too much' gear anymore. Now that I know how great it can make you feel, why have vanilla sex unless you just need a break?

Life is short and sex can be better--and we're here to help you discover better sex!  ENJOY!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!



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Hey, Jack—thanks for your comment! First I have to tell you that you’re 1/2 inch ahead of me! The heaviest weight I wear is the 1 1/2 inch (24 ounce) weight. But I can tell you that I can put it on much faster than I used to.

First, put it on right after getting out of a hot shower. At that time, your balls drop to their lowest (they are trying to maintain your sperm at a cooler temp). Because they are lower, it’s easier to get the ball weight on. Lie back so your head is slightly elevated. Use the screw as a hinge point. Have the hinge side on whichever side is your dominant one (if you are right handed, have the hinge on your right side so you can screw it down later).

Open the two halves wide and lay your ballsack over the weight. Use the thumb and pointer finger of your non-dominant hand to pull your balls down and away from your body. Using your other hand, swing the open half of the ball weight over your balls so the two halves are now connected (with your balls inside). Squeeze the two halves together gently with your dominant hand. With your non-dominant hand continue to tug your balls and sweep a finger between your balls and the weight to make sure skin isn’t caught in a seam. (Some guys find that twisting their balls is helpful—this narrows them so they fit more easily.) Slowly start tightening the Allen wrench. Periodically stop to make sure skin hasn’t snuck in between the two halves. Continue tightening slowly until the two halves are snug.

This is even easier if you have a friend help you.

I hear you when you say you love it when you finally get it on! It IS amazing! I love it too.



I have the largest ball weight that you offer and I love it — once it is on. Getting it on is something of a struggle — while I am tightening the screws, the skin of my ball sac gets caught between the two halves. It is definitely worth the effort — once it is on it feels amazing. But maybe you have a suggestion about how to manage the process to get it on.

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