I bought my first Glans (head) ring two years ago from one of our retailers in New York City. I had actually seen some guys wearing them at a naturist gathering the previous summer and was intrigued. I was curious when I first saw them because it was so novel to me. I had never even seen them pictured anywhere. Those creative guys had figured out a way to differentiate themselves (I'm always intrigued at how guys who are naked--as naturists are--create distinctions and express themselves). They looked beautiful.

Mine was frankly a cheap spot-welded steel ring. Not the healthiest option but it still felt good. I'll admit I like schwing bling and the feeling was great. Masturbation lasted longer because it sits right beneath the mushroom head ridge where there are a ton of nerve endings. They weren't getting as actively tickled so my masturbation sessions were longer. It also resulted in my dick head getting bigger! I always wear a cockring so I figured I was as chubbed up as I was going to get. But then the Glans ring made my head get even bigger and more sensitive. I did not expect this. It felt great! 

Fast forward to our road-testing, while walking the added weight results in my dick being longer and rubbing against my jock or jeans. Last week I was back in New York City and road-testing the new Glans rings with a HUGE smile on my face! It was like getting a little hand job all day long! 

All of these great feelings are why we decided to see if there would be any interest from our customers in M2M's head rings.

There is!

So, based on your response, we decided to create a new line of gear essentials' Glans rings. Over the past week we have been road-testing several styles. Not only are they beautiful but they feel great as well (see above!)


gear essentials' Current Glans Ring & a Drop of Excitement!


We are still working out some details, but it looks like we will be offering new Glans rings in both solid stainless steel and aluminum. I am loving the weight of the stainless steel (the heaviest was responsible for my mini-hand job in NYC last week!) The aluminum rings look hot and are really comfortable. These are not merely our cock rings downsized to fit under your dickhead. They have also been re-engineered to minimize falling off. 

We'll keep you updated as to our progress. But know that we are really excited about these new rings and hope to be able to offer them to you soon.

gear essentials...keeping sex BETTER for you!  ENJOY!


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