This guy's got it going on!

He is wearing three rings:  cock ring, glans (head) ring and split ball weight ring.  It looks like he is feeling NO pain!  In fact, the combined effect of all of these rings is a euphoic sensory overload! 


Put Rings on It for Better Sex!  The 1 1/2-inch Bandwidth Ball Stretcher by gear essentials


Why would you want to wear so much gear?

Because it feels GREAT!



The Head ring is the crowning touch!  Masturbation lasts longer when wearing a Glans ring because it sits right beneath the mushroom head ridge. Ttherefore it masks a concentration of nerve endings resulting in a longer jacking off or fuck session.  It also further restricts blood flow so your dick head gets even bigger!  Even if you are already wearing a cockring your head will get even bigger yet and more sensitive. When I wear one I cum more than usual.  If it is heavy enough, it also bobs and rubs when you walk giving you a mini hand job.  It feels great!  (Did we mention that it also looks as sexy as hell?!)


The cock ring feels great too.  The main purpose of a cock ring is to keep blood inside the penis so you maintain an erection or get a stronger one because it keeps the blood flow in your dick.  Therefore your cock gets bigger in girth and length. A cockring can also be used to prolong your erection because you enjoy the sensation of tightness and extreme engorgement that wearing it gives you.  You also grow harder and more sensitive to every touch, brush or flick of the tongue. Some men wear a penis ring just because they like its appearance.  According to Google, some men enjoy using penis rings for masturbation because wearing it contributes to a "better erection and delays orgasm, thus it intensifies orgasmic sensations." It also boosts your package keeping it chubby so you are ready for whatever comes your way!  (And your prick looks great too!)



The ball stretcher (ball weight) is a foundational piece of gear.  I have written before, I was one of those narrow-minded prudes who stuck my nose in the air, sniffed and said, "I will never wear something like that!"  That opinion lasted until the first time I put one on. My instant woody told the truth. I loved it. I still love it. I wear gear essentials' lightest (1/2-inch bandwidth, 8 ounces) during the day. I love the way it twists and tugs my balls. I walk around with a semi-chubby most of the time. During sex it is even better. I hadn't realized it but often during sex I would tug and twist my balls. I didn't do it to the point of pain but I really get off on it. The ball weight does that for me now (which leaves hands free to do other things). I have also discovered that the ball weight keeps your balls from retracting up when you approach orgasm--this means that your orgasm is delayed, longer and more intense.


Whether you wear one, two, three or more (yes, you CAN wear even more) rings, you will discover that your orgasmic sensations are intensified!  gear is better here!  ENJOY!

WHERE TO FIND IT:   24 Oz. Ball Weight:

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