Enjoying the Flexibility of a Nitrile Cockring


Last Saturday night I was chatting with a guy who loves his metal rings but because he grows so much from flaccid to hard he cannot keep his on (either cockrings or glans ring). He was really disappointed about that.

Sometimes this happens. We are all built differently. If you are an extreme "grower", I've got a trick for you:  wear a Nitrile ring below your cock or glans ring to keep it from sliding down. So if you are wearing a cock ring, put the heavy metal cock ring on first so it is resting on your pubes. Then put the tighter Nitrile ring on. This will prevent your heavier ring from sliding and slipping off when you are flaccid (or in winter really cold!)

The same is true for a glans ring. Put your heavy head ring on first and then put a Nitrile between your glans ring and the head of your dick. Because the stretch so easily you can wear a smaller size in the Nitrile so it will keep everything in place--and grow as your dick grows. (We’ve also used this trick with ball weights.)

And you can also wear it alone! I wear a Nitrile 24 hours a day (it stretches when I get the nocturnal boners so I don't worry about causing damage to my prick). In the morning, when I shower I slip on whichever cock gear I'm going to wear that day--right over my Nitrile.


Enjoying the Flexibility of a Nitrile Cockring


Keep it all pumped and in place with a Nitrile cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Nitrile Cock Ring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/mega-nitrile-cock-rings


(Photo submitted by customer.)



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