Sounding & Ball Stretching - Double Pleasure


I have been really surprised by how many are interested in sounding. (It's making me feel very mainstream...) We have been searching for good deals on quality sounds and we keep selling out as soon as we get them in.

The topic of sounding came up again at dinner a few days ago (I know, we have interesting conversations). As I have shared here before, I sound and really enjoy it. I first picked up a sound while traveling in Dallas and gave it a try. I sterilized the sound, opened my urethra and squirted sterile saline solution down my hole. The sound went in easily and then seemed to stick a bit. I just relaxed and let gravity do the work. It blew my mind when it gently slid down my piss slit, nearly completely disappeared inside me and sent chills up and down my spine. Pre-cum began too ooze out of my urethra. I was amazed at how good it felt. I didn't realize we had such intense nerve endings on the INSIDE of our dicks!

This is a throwback to an earlier blog but it bears repeating: here are some basic definitions: 

Urethra:  This is the tube that starts at your bladder and culminates at your ‘piss slit’. It’s where your pee comes out.

Sounding:  The act of putting things up your urethra. Sounding is an increasingly common sexual activity—there are a whole lot of happy tingly nerves in there. A sound is a medical probe that is designed to enlarge the urethra to eliminate blockages. Of course, if there is a way to elicit pleasure we are going to figure it out—hence sounding: the practice of sexually stimulating the nerve-endings inside the urethra.

And those nerve-endings will be very stimulated! I was afraid that this would be bad for me but a customer e-mailed the other day to tell me that his doctor recommends that he sound regularly--as long as he does it safely. He felt that there were some excellent health benefits to sounding. (This is NOT a conversation I have had with my doctor.)

It's important to stress the "safely" part of this. You can easily get a bladder infection so make sure everything is clean and sterilized. You can also tear the sensitive tissue in your penis--so do not force anything. Just relax and enjoy.


Sounding & Ball Stretching - Double Pleasure


Sounding is pretty simple. You can order sounds from any reputable kink toy supplier (or your local adult toy store may have them too). We actually just started carrying a ribbed sound as well as a vibrating sound that really do the trick.

This is a repeat of information I have shared in the past but I think it is worth repeating. If you are new to sounding, start with something a bit narrower. The sounds with a curve at the end are known as Van Buren Sounds. You can either use the curve as a handle (to make sure it doesn't get lost down there--although that is highly unlikely) or even better--insert that end first. Point the curve towards your body so it follows your urethra towards the core of your body. This will lead to some very exciting sensations! The Pratt urethra sound will do the same thing. This has a slight bend near the end.

Before sticking your sound in, you can heat it or cool the metal--this makes for an interesting sensation too. Always make sure you thoroughly disinfect it before putting it in your body. I use rubbing alcohol to make sure things are clean. (If you skip this step you will likely discover the intense pain of a urinary infection {UTI}.)

Put a few drops of saline solution on your piss slit before you insert the sound. (Some guys tell me they also use lube. I would suggest Swiss Navy's Water-Based Lube since it is hypo-allergenic. Some kink stores have lubes specifically designed for this--you can try that as well. Figure out what works best and feels best in your dick.)

The best lube of all is your own pre-cum. In fact, you will find that as you sound you may start to create loads and loads of pre-cum. 

When you are ready to sound, lean back, hold your cock gently, place the sound on your piss slit and relax. Your urethra will almost seem to suck it in so let gravity do the work. You may find that after it goes in a few inches, there seems to be a bit of a blockage. Not a problem, just readjust slightly to find a good position and let gravity pull it in. You don't have to push or shove. Just let your body gently take it in. 

Once the sound is in your dick, you can firmly grab your cock and you will feel the hard steel core inside you--it's pretty wild. You’ll have a smile on your face as a result of all your nerve-endings getting tickled inside your prick as the sound moves in and out.

Once your sound is in you can gently stroke your dick. Play with the sound with one hand while you stroke with the other--it's like inside AND outside masturbation. As you pull the sound out of your dick you will see strands of pre-cum dangling from your sound to your piss slit. (You won't need lube to put the sound back in since your urethra will be so slick from your own natural juices.) I still am surprised by how much pre-cum I generate when I sound.

You can cum with a sound in your dick--it may feel a bit odd since there is a rod blocking the pathway and orgasms have such incredible force. But it is an amazing sight, sensation and experience.


Sounding & Ball Stretching - Double Pleasure. If One is Good Isn't 2 Better?!


Ball Weight

The ring around his balls provides an erotic tug, twist and pull with every step or thrust. It prevents his balls from retreating right before he cums resulting in a delayed and for many a prolonged orgasm. Weights on the balls provide an amazing sensation. You can wear both a parachute weight and a split ball weight (like the guy pictured above). The parachute is great if you are new to wearing weights--they are super easy to snap on. However, they are not very practical for wearing out of the house. A traditional ball stretchers is great for all-day (or night) wear. 

Want to double your pleasure? Just pop on a ball weight and a sound.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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