We are all about better sex at gear essentials! We love weights on our balls, rings on our cock and glans, prostate massage, nipple play and so much more! It's all about having better sex and feeling good! Every day I learn more and more about what makes a body feel good. Today I was talking with a customer about ball pumping. I am finding that I have a lot more to learn! But the learning is the fun part!

The picture below shows a guy wearing his split ring ball stretcher on his balls (where you would expect it) but he also has one on the base of his cock. I first saw this at International Mr. Leather last year. (If it fits--you can wear it!) The benefit of wearing the ball weight around your prick is that you get more weight as well as a larger bandwidth.  Our widest cock rings are .9-inches wide (Fury, Full Screw & Total Plunge cockrings). In addition, you can easily stack multiple rings to get a unique width and look. (We've done several blogs on that.) The goal is that you find what feels great to you!


Split Ring Ball Stretchers by gear essentials Around His Balls & Cock


If you have never tried it, the nipple-to-cock connection can be incredibly intense. A lot of guys tell me that their partners tweak and tug their nips and they feel nothing. It's the same old story:  we ignore them because society tells us they are a waste of man-body real estate. They aren't going to perk up now--just because you've decided to pay attention. You have to woo them. Show them some love! You can start by pinching and kneading your nips. Invite your partner to suck and gently chew on them but warning:  a five-day stubble may just drive you WILD! 

An easy way to accelerate the process is by using nipple clamps. It's even more powerful if you alternate nipple clamps with nipple suckers. (We have both on our website.) Suddenly they will come alive and you will feel things you never even dreamed about! You will feel every brush of fabric against your highly sensitized nips for the next day or so! For many, along with that comes a tingle at the base of their dick as the electrical energy races from nips to cock. Your dick starts to bob upwards as your body prepares for some sensory overload and a screaming huge orgasm!

Sex isn't just about genital pleasure. For guys, it is NOT just about dick. Our largest sexual organ is our brain. Almost as important is the shell that is stretched all over our body--the skin. We are covered by scads of nerve-endings that during intimacy are tuned to their highest pitch. All that pleasure washes over you in waves and creates hotter sex.

Ball weights add to the sexual pleasure. They hold your ball sack away from your body. When your body is preparing to have an orgasm, the balls naturally are drawn upwards towards the body. The ball stretcher holds those golden globes back resulting in a larger and more intense orgasm. In addition, the tug on your scrotum is hot. You will be more sensitive to every touch, kiss, slap or nibble on your taut balls.

Really want to go over the edge? Stick a finger (or two...or a butt plug) up that tight ass of yours! Rub it back and forth over your prostate and you will shiver from desire! This massaging motion triggers the feelings of impending orgasm so your body basks in that warm glow of pre-cumming. You can keep this up for hours! (Of course, you won't want to--but see how far you can go.) By the time you do cum you will have leaked 'buckets' of pre-cum.

Of course your cock ring keeps your rod harder, thicker and longer than usual--all the result of the rushing blood not being able to leave as easily. You and your partner will both benefit. And bonus round:  your dick is more sensitive as well.

It's all good. It's all fun!  AND it feels great!  gear essentials....Sex IS better here!  ENJOY!


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