This week, gear essentials got two e-mails asking, "How do I measure for a Glans Ring?"

Glans rings are a little tougher to measure--at least with a cock ring your balls help keep the ring on.  Frankly, we are still getting the hang of it.  However, we have found it helpful to measure when your cock is both hard and soft. (Use the measuring guide on our Sizing Guide to help you figure out the correct diameter.  Link: The key to the Glans ring (also known as a head ring) staying on is the size of the head of your penis. Is your cap pronounced or the same width as your shaft?  The Glans ring fits right beneath your mushroom head.  Mine is pretty defined so the ring stays on really well.  Therefore when I get hard the ring is tighter but not painful. One of my co-workers (and co-testers) is a major grower so the ring gets too tight when he gets erect.  We're working on this one!

We need some testers who are NOT circumcised.  Any feedback from uncut guys on the quality of the Glans ring experience?  Please post or shoot us an e-mail.

A Glans Ring Circles Your Dick Beneath the Head


Ask yourself:

  • Am I a major grower?
  • Do I have a well-defined head (e.g. my dickhead sticks out from my shaft)?
In the design of the new rings (coming out VERY soon) we purposefully had the interiors of the Glans rings squared instead of rounded.  In our testing we have noticed that they stay on much better. (The new Glans rings should be available in a few weeks.)  We hope to be posting prototype shots soon!

Of course the easiest method of making sure they fit is by trying them on.  If you are in Chicago for IML stop by our booth (219) and check them out.  Of course, we will be giving personal fittings! 

We are loving the look and feel of these rings!  (And yes, the sex IS better!)  Be sure to check them out!  ENJOY!



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Written by Jay — May 11, 2013



I have started playing with glans rings a few months ago. I found my right size by trial and error, thankfully, these ring are not very expensive. I would love to be a tester if you need any. I have a very defined head and would consider myself a grower. I am just a bit above average. Let me know if I can help.

May 11 2013 at 11:05 AM


1. I’m a major grower, so I got a frenum piercing just below my glans. I use a captive bead ring in it. I picked a size that doesn’t hurt when I’m hard, and the piercing keeps the ring from falling off when I’m soft. It’s the only system that has worked for me. I’d love to try the VERY stylish glans rings that you’re about to produce, but there’s no way I can use them without a piercing.
2. To find the right size ring for me (this is ball ring, cock ring, and head ring), I went to the hardware store and bought a lot of rubber O rings in various sizes. Then I could experiment, inexpensively, before investing in metal. Try it, and if the clerk gives you a funny look just say they’re for an art project.

May 13 2013 at 03:05 PM


Hey, Patrick—thanks for the comment. I’m loving the glans rings a lot! We just finished testing this round of new glans rings—but we will sure keep you in mind for our next round! Any tips for measuring for growers? Thanks!

May 21 2013 at 10:05 PM


Rudd—great idea! The piercing looks hot, feels hot AND holds the glans ring in place. I have also placed a glans ring through one of my large Prince Albert captive ball. That ring was really rounded so it would slip off once in a while. The new glans rings from gear essentials have the ‘corona fit’—they are squared off to reduce that risk. During testing I haven’t run the ring through my PA—and I haven’t had a problem at all! In fact, it has felt AMAZING! I love the feel when I’m walking—it’s like the ring is giving me a mini hand job. And when I get hard I feel as though the head of my dick is going to explode! It’s all good! ENJOY!

May 21 2013 at 10:05 PM


Rudd and Jay, would be great to hear how you found a ring that goes though your piercing.

I’m a major grower just as Ruff and hot a frenum piercing. I’d love to find a glans ring that can go through as you described.

Any plans to stock glans segment rings for pierced guys, soon?

August 03 2015 at 05:08 PM


Hey, Jo—to clarify, the glans ring goes through my CBR (Captive Ball Ring) and not through the actual piercing. It can’t because it is one solid piece. But—I love the extra movement it provides. Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll make segment rings. There are already some really good producers out there and we don’t know that we could add anything that would be better—thanks for asking though!

August 08 2015 at 10:08 AM

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