There's nothing like a hot ass to get us twitching!  And even hotter?  A beautiful ass with a cock ring at the end of the taint trail.


The Imperial C Ring by gear essentials...


The Imperial is elegant and dramatic, the American-made stainless steel cock rings in the Imperial Series offer a grander, more majestic choice. Designed in the shape of a flattened donut, this ring offers heft (weighing in at 6 ounces or 171 grams) while leaving plenty of room for beefy thighs! Smooth and comfortable, this is a classic design. Available in a brushed or mirrored finish.  Aptly named, the Imperial Series truly is fit for a king.
Treat yourself like a king! 
gear essentials...Sex is better here!  ENJOY!
(Photo re-blogged from Tumblr.)


Written by Jay — May 15, 2013

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