Get the Shaft:  Too Big for a C Ring


We occasionally get e-mails from really hung guys and pumpers. They need bigger cock rings. Our largest size is 2 1/8" diameter (which is more than large for most of us).  However, that is too small for a pumper. That's when a cock shaft ring comes in handy.

One of the main results of a cockring is that it keeps the blood in your dick so it is bigger and thicker. You get the same impact with a shaft ring.


Big Boy?  Slip a Titan .6 C Ring on Your Shaft for a Thicker Dick


The Titan .6 by gear essentials is a great choice for a shaft ring. It is smooth, low-profile and classic. Available in .2-inch, .4-inch and .6-inch, you can find the bandwidth that works for you. We are also coming out with smaller diameters for glans rings (head rings) soon. Find the one that works for you.

gear is better here!  ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer.)



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