If you stop by and see us at International Mr. Leather this weekend you will see us with twice the pump--meaning wearing both a cock ring as well as Glans ring. I think it's a hot look--and I love the way it feels. I'm a little worried about adding the ball weight as well. Will I look a bit like an ornament on a holiday tree?!


Making a Statement with C Ring & Glans Ring -- now at gear essentials


Twice the pump refers to the impact of wearing a cockring. Put one around the base of your dick and the blood flow is restricted into your growing shaft. It leaves you thicker, harder and longer. Add one under your corona and your dickhead gets even bigger than it was without the glans ring (also known as a head ring). 

We just launched a new line of five exclusive glans rings including the Quarter Screw, SurgeBLACK, Surge, Titan .2 and Titan .4. These come in solid aluminum, medical-grade plastic or stainless steel. The widths ranged from .2 (Titan) to .5 (Surge). You are sure to find a look that looks sexy-hot on you--and we haven't seen anything like these on the market! (You've heard the pitch:  "Be the first in your neighborhood!"  Although I suppose that depends on your neighborhood!)

The picture above reminds me of a story a buddy of mine in California tells. There is a hot guy who works out in his gym who showers every day in his Glans ring. EVERYONE comments on it and knows who this guy is. Want to get noticed? It's easy! The same is true if you are at a nudist event or play party--it's a great way to express yourself and 'stick out'!

Check them out and discover why sex is better here!  ENJOY!


 WHERE TO FIND IT:  Glans rings: https://gearessentials.com/collections/glans-rings   


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Carl—you are going to love it! Glad you are giving it a shot!





Thanks for the tip about the combo. I can see the benefit of the combo and the insurance you suggested.

Guess I get to buy and try! Woohoo!



Hi, Carl—I have a PA (Prince Albert piercing for the uninitiated!) as well. In the past I would wear a completely rounded one but would wear it through the inside of my PA CBR for ‘insurance’!

With the new line of gear essentials’ Glans rings I haven’t needed to do that. Because of the squarer ‘corona fit’ interior rim, I have been wearing a Glans ring every day for nearly two months and have not had a problem. This may be unique to my dick, but the ring rests below the ridge of my dickhead but falls below my piercing so it doesn’t rub or interfere.

I’m loving the feeling!



I’m very interested in (and excited about) glans rings but I have a PA. Should I stick with just C-rings and/or a shaft ring? Or can glans rings work for guys with PAs? Any suggestions or comments?

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