LIVE from IML:  The NEW Surge Glans Ring & Grinder C Ring



Here’s another pic of one of our favorite customers.  He picked up the solid stainless steel Grinder cock ring and the brand NEW Surge Glans ring. He got a little excited! 




The Grinder C Ring & Surge Glans Ring by gear essentials...Make a Special Showing @ IML!


Even if you have a cock ring on (which already makes your dick HUGE) the glans ring makes the head of your dick even BIGGER! When I reach orgasm, I cum even more than usual. It's an incredibly intense experience.
The key to finding the right fit is to make sure the glans ring doesn't fall off when you are flaccid (which, unless you are 19, is most of the time) YET doesn't strangle you like a noose when you get hard. I have found that it does constrict but not in a painful way. It also easily slides off (even when rock hard) when I use silicone lube. (In that case I found that I could easily slide it back on again--I pushed it down so it acted like a shaft ring.)
The Grinder is part of the Contour Collection and is made of solid stainless steel for durability and long-term wear. It has an easy weight--about 4.8 ounces (137 grams)--and is .6-inches wide. It looks like a giant nut for your 'screw' and reflects light in an interesting way off its angled planes.
The Surge glans ring is made of pure aluminum. It is extremely light-weight and comfortable. gear essentials' new glans rings feature the corona interior fit--squared off to prevent them from rolling over the ridge of the glans. The beauty of the glans ring is that when you move around it makes the nerves around your dick head tingle. One customer today commented that he was getting so turned on walking back to his hotel that he couldn't wait to have sex! Be careful: it's a little like having a mini hand job in your pants!
It's time you had your own little party in your pants!
gear essentials...Sex is better here! ENJOY
WHERE TO FIND IT:  Surge Glans Ring:

(Photo by Jay Williams)





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