Triple-Ringed (Cockrings, Glans Rings & Ball Weight):


We got a very happy e-mail from "one happy ginger" a week or so ago.

David writes:  "J, I just received my first ball weight. All I can say is WOW!! It feels great. Any guy with balls should try one. Thanks for a great product. I now wear a ball weight, two glans rings and two cock rings. You made me one happy ginger!"

We like our gingers to be happy!

Triple-Ringed (Cockring, Glans Ring & Ball Weight):  "You made me one happy ginger!


David has a lot of gear on--he's triple-ringed. He is wearing an 8 Oz. ball weight, a Quarter Screw and Titan .2 cock ring (the Titans are great for stacking and creating a custom look) and three glans rings: a Titan .2, Titan .4 and Quarter Screw.

When triple-ringing you get the best of all worlds:  the cockrings keep your prick thick, long and hard; the ball weight gives tantalizing twist, tug and pull--and delays orgasm; the glans rings tease the sensitive nerve endings around the head of your dick and when hard, make your dickhead huge! You will love what it does for you--and it may make you one happy ginger too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by David.)



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