Live from IML:  Triple-Ringed!


There was a time--not too long ago--when we thought being double-ringed was just too cool for school. Hard metal encasing your balls combined with a solid stainless cock ring is the best! One bounces and tugs at your nuts resulting in a tantric sensory overload while the other keeps your pecker pumped and ready for action!

But now gear essentials has launched an entirely NEW line of glans rings--and these beauties just beg to be worn! The Glans rings are fun to look at and feel great under the head of your dick! One of our customers at International Mr. Leather was walking back to his hotel and really started feeling the impact of this little piece of metal. With every step it gently rubbed and tickled his cock. He said that by the time he got back to his hotel room he was hard and ready for action. 

I have always been a fan of cock rings but never thought I would be a ball stretcher guy. It was just too much metal for me. Then I tried it on. I will never be the same! I discovered a whole new erogenous zone. I love having my balls played with, tugged and gently twisted. The ball weight does that FOR me. (That leaves a hand free for other activities!)

Then I spotted my first glans ring a few summers ago at a naturist gathering. I thought they looked really hot (and a great way to 'accessorize' when you are a naturist--how else do you 'stand out' in a crowd?!) Of course I asked questions and then had to find out more for myself. I found that I loved this chunk of metal under the head of my dick. When masturbating it masks the super-sensitive nerves under the head of my prick so I can last longer. It makes edging a dream. I also discovered that the heavier head ring (like the Titan .4 pictured below) pulled my flaccid dick down and then gave it quite a ride while walking (commando or in boxers--it doesn't have the same impact in tight briefs).


Live from IML:  Make it a Triple Play:

Titan .6 Mirrored C Ring, NEW PISTON 16 Oz Ball Weight 

& Titan .4 Glans Ring by gear essentials 


The PISTON ball stretcher is another NEW product by gear essentials. Crafted from solid stainless steel it adds a new visual excitement to the tried-and-true split cock ring. It comes together with a single screw (tightened and loosened by an Allen wrench so it will NOT come off during heavy play). You can also get the ball weights in the standard brushed finish.

Our customer pictured above is also wearing the Titan .6 mirrored penis ring. This is an elegant, basic cock ring. Created in a flat design, it's not fuss/no muss profile makes it a comfortable fit under any type of clothing--or better yet, no clothing at all! This is also a great design for stacking cock rings.

Life is too short to not explore the ways to make your sex life better! There is so much to enjoy! 

gear is better here!  ENJOY!



Titan Cockring:  

Titan .4 Glans Ring:

PISTON Ball Weight:  


(Photo by Jay Williams)



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Stephen N Harrell

Stephen N Harrell

Wow! I really like the look of this triple combo! I was already interested and getting one of your c-rings (probably an Omega) and had curiosities about the glans ring(wearing it with genital piercing) and even the ball ring/weight/stretcher ( Has large low hangers) This triple threat looks imposing!

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