Live from IML:  Uncut & Loving His Glans Ring


We had a lot of guys asking if uncut (not circumcised) men could wear a glans ring. One of our favorite customers happened to stop by and bought a Titan .4 Glans ring. Sure enough--it works great! So he offered to model his new gear for us.

The proof is in the pictures!


There's a Faint Outline...He's Hard & Erect, Head Partially Revealed...


Live from IML:  His Foreskin Pulled Back--You Can See a Glimmer of Metal

It's under there--hiding beneath his foreskin! Uncut guys tell us that it offers an even more intense feeling because all the nerves are so much more sensitive when you are natural. 


Live from IML:  Fully Retracted.  He Proudly Displays His Titan .4 Glans Ring by gear essentials


You have to love the way this head ring looks--it is beautiful and feels great hanging on your dick! The added weight of the solid stainless steel Titan .4 means you will notice each bob and sway of your pendulous prick. We keep hearing it--and we agree--it's like a mini hand job in your pants!

gear essentials...Sex is better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan .4 Glans Ring:  


(Photos by Jay Williams.)



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Big Daddy

Big Daddy

These glans rings are awesome. Feel bare without one, sometimes wear more than one. They are sensuous rock hard or soft and have made my glans larger.

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