Live from IML:  A Big Ring for BIG MEAT!


This picture may be a bit on the blurry side (I apologize for that) but my memory of this huge uncut man-meat is very clear! This big man needed a big ring--he settled on the Total Plunge cockring.


Live from IML:  The Total Plunge C Ring by gear essentials


The .9 inch (23 mm) Total Plunge will keep you big and hard for the long haul. This revved up daddy of the ROBO cock ring series will draw envious looks. Constructed of quality light-weight aluminum (only 2.5 ounces / 72 grams), this cock ring features gear essentials' exclusive interior comfort fit for easy all-day/play-all-night wear. You just might forget you even have it on--until you need that little extra support and encouragement!  Now get ready to take the Total Plunge–again and again!

gear essentials...Sex is better here!  ENJOY!
WHERE TO FIND IT:  Total Plunge penis ring: 

(Photo by Jay Williams.)



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