Live from IML:  The Prince Albert Guys...


You know we love International Mr. Leather (and we know you love it too!) Here is another picture from that weekend--two guys with two great looks--and both with chunky Prince Alberts dangling from the end of their dicks.

The first is sporting our most popular glans ring--the Titan .4. This ring looks hot and feels great! It is the heaviest of our head rings so it pulls your flaccid dick down to its longest (un-erect) length. Because of the extra weight it also bounces and bobs resulting in those oh-so-pleasurable feelings of having a little action down there while you are walking or working.

When you get a hard-on it tightens up causing the head of your dick to explode! I thought my dick got bigger and harder with a cock ring on but the glans ring makes it even bigger!

The second is wearing the new PISTON 8 ounce ball weight. This ball stretcher has the same features and quality as our original line of ball weights but it has a little extra design going on. You know you look good--and this looks good ON you! Like our other ball weights, this ring tugs and gently twists your nuts so you get even more pleasure--whether you wear it throughout your workday, going out or for sex. When you do have sex, it pulls your ball sack down and away from your body so your orgasm is longer and more intense.



Live from IML:  Titan .4 Glans Ring & PISTON 8 Oz. Ball Stretcher by gear essentials


Both of these incredibly erotic accessories will give you years of wear and pleasure. Check them out and see how YOU can make sex better! 

gear essentials...Sex is Better Here! ENJOY!



(Photo by Jay Williams)



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