Live from IML:  The Plunge Brothers...


These three guys came together to get matching cock rings--for two of them, it was a first-time experience! (The third is a long-time gear essentials' customer.) They chose the light-weight aluminum Plunge penis ring because of its amazing comfort. The exaggerated interior comfort rim gives you work-all-day / play-all-night easy wear. Many guys tell us they forget they even have it on!  Of course, it still does what you need a cock ring to do--it keeps the blood flow in your dick where it keeps you thicker, harder, fuller, longer and more sensitive.  It's a beautiful thing!


Live from IML:  The Plunge C Ring X gear essentials


Take the Plunge with our new .6 inch Plunge cock ring. The satin sheen of the finish reflects off the evenly spaced divots. This ring is made in Minnesota (USA) and weighs only 1.65 ounces (47 grams). This ring has a sexy Robo Cock design and once securely wrapped around your tool, you will want to take the plunge. Over and over…

gear essentials....Sex is better here!  ENJOY


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Plunge cockring: 


(Photo by Jay Williams)



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