It's Christmas Eve and you are hoping that Santa will leave something special beneath your tree. And then you discover this.

Saul Harris complete with a leather snap cockring. You know that his prick will stay thicker, harder, longer, more powerful and sensitive all night long!

You won't be just dreaming of sugar plum fairies in your head. 

Merry Christmas with Saul Harris! Wearing a Leather Snap Cockring


You can't go wrong with a leather cockring. If the action's already started, just snap or buckle one on and go. You and your partner will be happy with your enhanced performance and your orgasms will be over-the-top amazing!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Leather Snap Cockring:


(Photo Re-blogged from Tumblr.)

Written by Jay — December 24, 2015

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