Stacked Glans Rings:


There's something magical about glans rings. They are just these small rings that hang out under the corona of your dick head--but they feel so amazing!

Tommy from Syracuse, New York, said:  "Hey man, ordered all four to see how they would be and I gotta say it was a pleasant surprise. I can stack them all for a really swinging dick experience and I love the way I am always aware of how I'm hanging. Sweet."

Sweet IS the word! It does bring an added awareness of how your prick is hanging as you swing with each step. Early on men referred to it as a 'mini hand job in my pants.'

The stud pictured below is stacking his glans rings too. This gives added weight to your flaccid cock and much more pleasure.


Stacked Glans Rings:  "I love the way I am always aware of how I'm hanging. Sweet."


Tim from Colorado likes his Titan .2 head rings. He wrote:  "These Titans are the best. Took 2 try's to get the size right, I found it better to go down a bit in size, it stays on soft and feels AWESOME when your boned. The look is great. Been wearing mine for 2 weeks straight, gym work sleep! I've had a few comments at the gym shower, just tell em the website and give it a try guys! 

"My BF loves it, he got one as well. When you blow a wad it's really intense and satisfying."

Tim has nailed it! There is something about blowing a wad in your glans ring that makes it even more amazing than usual. I'll admit that I love my cock ring for keeping my prick thick and boned. I love my ball weight because the tug and pull is erotic and it delays orgasm and makes it even more intense. But when I add a glans ring to the mix, it takes sex to a whole new level of intensity--my cock head is bigger, more sensitive and I blow an incredible wad. 

You'll love the way you are always aware of your cock with a glans ring too. There is so much more to sexual pleasure!


gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Glans Ring Collection:


(Photo re-blogged from Tumblr.  Tommy & Tim are not pictured.)



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