The Quarter Screw:  The small, light cockring that brings BIG results


Sometimes small improvements can bring BIG results!

This is the case with the Quarter Screw cockring--gear essentials' lightest ring weighing only .85 Oz / 24 grams. Constructed from solid, lightweight aluminum, it's like wearing a whisper. But watch out, this whisper will make your cock roar!

Robert from Jacksonville, Florida wears his every day:  "This is the most comfortable ring I've ever worn! I put it on every morning when I shower."

The stud pictured below certainly looks awesome in his Quarter Screw C ring.


The Quarter Screw:  Grabbing his Big Boner through his Camos


SC from New York hasn't taken it off since the day it arrived:  "Sexy design, lighter weight, feels great.... I could not put it on fast enough... haven't taken it off since it arrived."

I think the first reaction most men have when putting on the Quarter Screw is surprise. This is quickly followed by amazement that such a lightweight ring can be so effective. 

The Quarter Screw:  Standing Tall & Proud


Drew from Kansas loves how it feels:  "Great first metal cockring. Love how it feels when I wear it all day long. 

"I get incredibly hard and engorged when it's time for action and my package looks great all day."
And bonus:  his package looks great all day!
The Quarter Screw:  The small, light cockring that brings BIG results

Leo from Texas says the Quarter Screw penis is ring is his sweet spot:  "I own several gear essential rings including a couple of glans rings and this is the most comfortable for myself. It works very well and the quality is always top notch as expected from gear essentials. I found that I perform better with a smaller diameter ring like this and at .3in this seems to be the sweet spot for myself. Thanks again!!"

Like Robert, I put my rings on every morning in the shower. Frankly, I don't like to leave home without a cockring--even a little one. If I don't, I feel as though something is missing. I enjoy that little something that lifts my balls, makes my dick chub up and boosts my package front and center. You can even see that I’m wearing a penis ring by the way I walk—yeah, it's cocky!  


The Quarter Screw:  The small, light cockring that brings BIG results

The Quarter Screw is light--made of 100% aluminum.  (So it is safe to wear next to your sensitive skin for extended periods.) It also has an enhanced inner ring comfort fit. The Quarter Screw does everything you want a cock ring to do yet is so comfortable you can wear it all day/play-all-night without a second thought. (In fact, you will probably forget you even have it on--until you need it!)

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


Quarter Screw Cockring:


(Photos submitted by customer.  Robert, SC, Drew and Leo are not pictured.)




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