Live from IML:  A Pair of Matching Fury C Rings & Titan Glans Rings


We first posted a pic of these two buds who met up at our booth at International Mr. Leather (IML) on June 7. One was already wearing the Fury cock ring and Titan .2 glans ring while his bud was just wearing the Fury penis ring he had purchased last year. Of course his buddy had to try on the Titan .2 head ring as well! He ended up buying the heavier stainless steel Titan .4 glans ring (see the blog from 6/6/13).


Live from IML: Matching Fury C Rings & Titan .2 Glans Rings by gear essentials


The Fury is gear essentials' second heaviest stainless steel cockring weighing in at just a bit over 10 ounces. It's also one of our widest cock rings with a bandwidth of .9 inches (23 mm). It's extremely sexy and comfortable to wear--you will know you have a friend on! It pumps up your package and your dick for furious action! The blood flow is restricted in your dick so you stay harder, thicker and longer. You will want to be like the guys pictured above and add some Fury to your life today!

Cap it all off with the Titan .2 Glans ring. These new rings were our hottest sellers at IML. We had scores of guys come back bringing friends. They all look awesome. The heavier stainless steel head rings add nice weight to your dick so when you are flaccid your cock hangs lower. While walking the head ring moves giving you a little hand job in your pants! It will leave a smile on your face and a bulge in your pants. So go ahead and cap your cap!

gear essentials...Sex is better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by Jay Williams)



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