Live from IML:  Double-ringed


If you have been following the gear essentials' blog, you will know that we are loving our glans rings! These little babies make the very act of walking more fun! 

Pictured below are a pair or Titan .4 cock rings--one around the base of his dick and the other just under his head. This matched set is not only a sexy sight; it also makes sex better--whether solo or with company! The cock ring of course keeps the blood in his dick so he remains harder and thicker. The head ring does the same for his dick head. We didn't realize that it was possible. Sex is so much better! (For a list of five reasons why you should wear a glans ring, check out yesterday's blog.)


Live from IML:  Double-ringed with Titan .4 Rings -- Cock & Glans -- by gear essentials


If you want a treat in your pants--check out these great rings from gear essentials.  Sex is better here!  ENJOY!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by Jay Williams)





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