Live from IML:  Why a Ball Weight?

We occasionally are asked, "Why do you wear a Ball Stretcher?"

There are a lot of reasons--some wear them because they look cool, others because they feel cool. Personally I like the feeling of the tug on my scrotum.

We recently read about a blogger who decided to stretch his ball sack when his boyfriend said, "your balls were hitting my butt and it was the climax." We have repeatedly heard that the partners of men wearing ball weights love the feeling of the weights as they bounce off them with every touch. It's another erogenous 'stroke'.

Another blogger wrote that one of the reasons he wears a ball weight / ball stretcher is "to prevent scrotum to retracting upward during orgasm. That can be one freaking good experience."  Studies have shown that having a ball stretcher on prolongs orgasm and makes it more intense precisely because your nuts cannot retract.

In addition, practitioners of Tantra recommend tugging on your balls every day for sexual health and over-all well-being. Hey, whatever helps, right?


Live from IML:  The 16 Oz. Ball Stretcher by gear essentials


This International Mr. Leather customer purchased a one-inch bandwidth, 16 Ounce Ball Weight in gear essentials' original brushed stainless steel finish.  The ball stretcher is secured using an Allen wrench and screw so you know it will stay on during hard play or just normal wear under work clothes or...?  The feeling is amazing.  Once you try it, you'll be hooked!

gear essentials...Sex is better here.  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  16 Ounce Ball Weight:   


(Photo by Jay Williams)



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