This NICE Daddy Loves His Metal...


Life is a series of discoveries. We may think we know everything and then along comes a concept, relationship or new toy that just has to go and teach us something new. There are days when I don't want to learn anything new! But then--I'm glad I took the time to 'expand my universe'.



That's how I felt when I tried a ball stretcher for the very first time. I thought it was just a fetish sort of thing--and I'm a NICE guy! I grew up in a nice family in a nice suburb where we were taught that we just didn't do things like that. Nice guys do NOT wear ball stretchers!

Well, now this nice guy does.

I got a boner the first time I put a ball weight on. Now, a nice guy may lie (a little white one) and say he isn't turned on by such nasty things--but the dick does NOT lie! My cock loved it and I loved it. I discovered that I like some ball tugging during sex. There is a comfortable, cradling feeling to that hunk of metal wrapped around my nads. It feels great. 

Then, when I came the first time I while wearing a ball stretcher, I learned something else:  a ball weight intensifies orgasm. (Hey, nice guys like a good orgasm! We so want in on this action!) The stretcher weighs down the ball sack so it cannot retract just prior to orgasm (which is what it normally wants to do--kind of like a sprinter crouching into position before the pistol fires so he can explode off the line). As a result my orgasm is more intense and last longer.



Nice guys also do NOT attach clamps to their nipples. But once again, my dick did not lie. 

I had seen pictures of guys wearing nipple clamps and had witnessed the results.  Having had 'nice guy sex' with women I knew that their nipples are extremely sensitive--in fact, spending time nuzzling a woman's breasts is a great way to get the juices flowing. So I wondered why it wasn't the same for guys.

It is.

However, it seems like we don't come pre-wired for this experience. That's where nipple clamps and nipple suckers come into play. Use these toys on your man tits and you will awaken a whole new sensation! I like to alternate the suckers with the clamps. First put the suckers on for five to ten minutes, take them off and then quickly attach the clamps. (This is a great way to get bigger, perkier nips as well.) A friend of mine tried this and he had high beams on for the next two days! Every time his shirt grazed his now sensitive nips he would groan with pleasure. Want your partner to remember you? Spend some time on his nips!

Many guys also discover that the nip-to-dick connection becomes more intense. Start paying attention to the nips (with the clamps, tongue, teeth, feather, etc.) and the cock will start to twitch to life.

Nice boys just miss out on so much...


Triple Threat:  Nipple Clamps, Ball Weight & Titan C Ring by gear essentials



You know gear essentials is all about cock rings. This is where we got our start.  Cock rings first became popular in the 'clone' era of the 1970's. Guys were all about pumping up their dicks and showing off a huge package. Adam4Adam, Manhunt and Grindr hadn't even been thought of yet. You had to check a guy out, see if he was checking you out and then stare! This is the ancient art known as 'cruising'. 

One the 501's were unbuttoned, a huge semi chubbed dick would flop out--thanks to the band of metal or strap of leather wound tightly around the base of it.

It's basic:  The cockring restricts blood from leaving your dick. Therefore your rod is harder, thicker, longer, more sensitive and just a lot more fun to play with! When fucking, the heavier rings can hit the clit or taint--causing more pleasure to your partner's highly sensitive erogenous zones.

Even nice guys have been known to wear cock rings (just NOT at church!)


At the end of the day, we don't care if you're nasty or nice. We are all the same in that we want to feel good--and we want those we love to feel good. Better sex is waiting for you--try a cock ring, ball weight and nipple clamps. You will never be the same.

Isn't that nice?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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