Good Head:  The Surge Glans Ring


We were on location for a photo shoot last week and introduced gear essentials' new line of glans rings to a whole new group of guys. Below is the new Surge head ring on an uncut gear fan. Looks pretty hot, doesn't it?

One new glans ring owner made a point to tell us the next day that he hadn't taken it off since initially putting it on. He loves the look and feel. He had even 'exposed' it to a new friend earlier that day. Apparently it feels great when getting head too!


Good Head:  The NEW Surge Glans Ring by gear essentials


The Surge is our widest glans ring (.5 inches wide). It is made of light-weight aluminum and is shaped so it looks like your dick is exploding out of it. It adds that extra glint that will get the looks.

Enjoy the look--and get Good Head!

gear essentials...Sex is better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Surge Glans Ring:   


(Photo by Jay Williams.)



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