The Plunge C Ring:


We love getting happy mail!

Here's a great one:  " first foray into cock rings and I LOVE it! I surprised my wife and she definately loves it! The Plunge looks sexy and is so comfortable. It makes my hard on even harder and thicker and I miss when I don't have it on! I thank you and my happy wife thanks you!"


Happy Spouses:  The Plunge C Ring by gear essentials


The Plunge is part of gear essentials' ROBO Collection. These rings are crafted from light-weight solid aluminum for barely there comfort. In addition, they feature an exaggerated interior comfort rim. There are days when I forget I even have this ring on!  But don't think it doesn't work hard to keep you hard--it does. Like all of our cockrings, when property fitted the blood flow is restricted into your pumping prick for better sex--you are thicker and harder! You will not get any complaints from your partner!

The bandwidth of the Plunge is .6 inches (15mm). When 'road-testing' this ring I found that it was really comfortable under tight jeans and underwear (some of the bulkier rings can start feeling 'over-stuffed'). I wear mine all day--you never know when you will need a helping hand! 


A Helping Hand:  The Quarter Screw Penis Ring by gear essentials


He also picked up the Quarter Screw cock ring. This is one of our lightest rings. It is supremely comfortable yet is still there when you need a little boost! (I'm kind of curious to see what happens when this 'grower' gets hard, aren't you?)

gear essentials...Sex is better here!  ENJOY!




(Photos provided by customer.)



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